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After  the corporatization of  Deptt of Telecom and Deptt. Of Telecom Services into Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL), the office came into existence on 1st Oct'2000 as the Office of Controller of Communication Accounts (erstwhile DOT Cell).

The office has been entrusted with the following functions:-


The office is functioning as a pension settlement office for the officials retired from Deptt of Telecom. After the formation of BSNL and after the promulgation of Rule 37A under CCS Pension Rules, this office has been assigned the work of pension payment to the erstwhile government servant absorbed in BSNL. As a pension office , this office is performing following functions:-

a)      Authorization of Pension and issuing of PPOs

b)     Payment of retirement benefits GPF, Gratuity, Commutation etc

c)      Vouching of pension payment vouchers

d)     Payment of CGEGIS


The New Pension Scheme has been introduced w.e.f 01.01.04. The office is deducting the amount with respect to  government contribution and contribution by the government servant. The statement showing such deductions is prepared and sent to the directorate by this office.


As per the provision of Rule 37A under CCS(Pension) Rule, the task of collection of pension contribution from BSNL is carried out by this office. Those officials who have rendered their service in Deptt of Telecom before being absorbed in BSNL need to pay the contribution. It is also collected from those officers who are  working on deemed deputation in BSNL This office is carrying out the work of collection, scrutiny and monitoring of amounts received as pension contribution and leave salary contribution.


The CCA office is responsible for maintaining the GPF account of all the DoT and BSNL employees. The broadsheet is maintained for all the employees. Inter circle settlement of GPF balances, GPF transfer of the working employee is maintained here. The final payment to the pensioners both of DoT and BSNL is made from this office. The maintenance of long term loans and advances of BSNL employees its recovery and accounting is carried out by this office.


The CCA office does the post audit of pension disbursement done by post offices. The vouching of pension paid vouchers is done by this office.



The office has been entrusted with the function of revenue realization from various Telecom operators who have got the license for providing the telecom services in Uttarakhand. The licence fees is collected from Cellular, Basic and Unified Access Service licensees and those with the licence as Internet service provider. On the basis of Adjusted Gross Revenue as furnished by the operator, the license fees is collected. The various telecom operators under different categories in this circle are:-

UASL Service Providers

1.       Reliance Communications Limited

2.       Tata Teleservices Limited

3.       Vodafone Essar South Limited

4.       Etisalat DB Telecom Pvt Limited

5.       Loop telecom Pvt Limited

6.       Shyam Telelink Limited

Internet Service Providers

1.       Oasis Cable Pvt  Limited

2.       Helm Consultants Pvt  Limited

3.       Micky Online Pvt  Limited

4.       Dreamzcraft Info Solution  Pvt Limited


Besides the collection of Licence Fees , this office maintains the Performance and Financial bank guarantees of the above operators.


The work related with the collection of spectrum charges has been given to this office for the private GSM service providers and CDMA service providers in this circle. The spectrum charge is collected as a percentage of Adjusted Gross Revenue. In this circle the operators paying spectrum charges are:-

1.       Tata Teleservices limited

2.       Vodafone Essar South Limited

3.       Reliance Communications Limited


As per the Universal Service Obligation, financial support is to be provided to the loss making telecom projects run by the Telecom operators. A Universal Service Obligation Fund has been set up for the same on 1st April 2004. The office disburses funds in form of USO subsidy to such projects run by the telecom operators

for  providing telephony in villages and remote areas. The claims submitted by the operators are verified. The physical inspection and the monitoring of such claims  is done before the subsidy is disbursed. The subsidy is disbursed for the following agreements:-

a)      Village Panchayat telephone

b)     Rural Community Phone

c)      Rural Direct Exchange Line

d)     Mobile Telephony in Rural and remote areas

e)      Broadband in Rural and remote areas

In this circle only BSNL is the operator who has signed the USO agreements.


The office is responsible for budgeting , financing and accounting functions of TERM office in the circle. It  performs the functions of PAO and DDO .


Under the provisions of RTI Act 2005 , the Joint Controller of Communication Accounts has been declared as the Central Public Information officer(CPIO). The Controller of Communication Accounts has been designated as the Departmental Appellate Authority(DAA). The officers ensure for timely and smooth provisioning of information to the applicant under this Act.