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Form No. Description of Form
SR-I Form for Application for Leave. Download
A.C.G.-61 Charge Report and Receipt for cash and stamps on departure. Download
T.R.-25A Traveling allowance bill for tour. Download
18 (2) Form for giving prior intimation or seeking previous sanction under Rule 18(2) in respect of immovable property (Other than building of or additions & alterations to a house) Download
18 (3) Form for giving intimation or seeking previous sanction under Rule 18(3) for transaction in respect of movable property Download
Property Return Form Property Return Form Statement of Immovable Property Return for the calendar year ending Download

General Provident Fund

Form No. Description of Form
Rule 5(3) GPF Nomination Form Download
Form 24 Form of Certificate of verification of service for pension. Download
Form 1 Form of application for final payment / Transfer to Corporate bodies/ Other Governments of balances in the General Provident Fund Account. Download
Form for GPF payment upon death of the subscriber Form of Application for Final Withdrawal from Provident Fund Download
Temporary Advance Temporary Advance from GPF Download
GPF FP Upon Superannuation of the Subscriber Form-1 Download
AR-I Form Download
GPF Nomination Form [see rule 5 (3)] Download
Charge Report ACG-61 Download
GPF FP Upon Death of the Subscriber Form-2 Download
GPF Temporaty Advance Form Download
Medical Form Download
Reimbursement of Tuition Fee Download
Traveling Allowance Bill for Tour TR-25a Download


Form No. Description of Form
Checklist Form (Pension Case) Checklist Form (Pension Case) Download
Checklist Form (Family Pension Case) Checklist Form (Family Pension Case) Download
Form-1 (Nomination for Retirement Gratuity/Death Gratuity) When the Govt. servant has a family and wishes to nominate one member and more than one member, thereof. Download
Form-1A Form of application for commutation of a fraction of superannuation pension without medical examination when applicant desires that the payment of the commuted value of pension should be authorized through the pension payment order. Download
Form-2 Nomination for Retirement Gratuity/Death Gratuity) When the government servant has no family and wishes to nominate one person and more than one person Download
Form-3 Details of Family Download
Form-4 Nomination for Family pension Download
Form-5 Particulars to be obtained by the Head of Office from the retiring Government servant eight months before the date of his retirement) Download
Form-8 Nomination for benefits under the Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980 Download
Form-10 Form of letter to the member or members of the family of a deceased Government servant where valid nomination for the grant of the death gratuity exists Download
Form-12 Form of application for the grant of death-cum-retirement gratuity on the death of a Government Servant. Download
Form-13 Form of letter to the widow/widower of a deceased Government servant for the grant of Family Pension, 1964 Download
Form-14 Family Pension Download
Form-18 Form for assessing and authorizing the payment of family pension And death gratuity when a Government Servant dies while in service Download
Form-19 Form of letter to the Accounts Officer forwarding papers for the grant of family pension and death gratuity to the family of a Government servant who dies while in service Download
Form-20 Form of letter sanctioning Family Pension to the child or children of a retired Government servant who dies after retirement but does not leave behind a widow or widower Download
Mandate Form For E- Payment Beneficiary/Customer's Information to Receive Payment Through E- Payment Download

License Fee

Form No. Description of Form
Performa for Affidavit Regarding details of Calculation of "Revenue" and "License Fee" Form
Format of Auditor's Report on Statement of Revenue and Licence free Form
Check list for LF submission and Assessment of ISP Download
Enhance FBG Proforma Download
FBG and PBG Renewal Proforma Download
LF & SUC Challan Download
Format of Statement of Revenue and License fee in respect of Internet Service providers(AGR) Download